Take the Benefits of Fruit Salad Behind its Deliciousness

Fruit salad is no less popular than vegetable salad. Its easy serving and delicious taste makes the fruit salad a delightful diet menu choice. The selection of fruits and the right dressings will further enhance the benefits of fruit salads, so that it is not only healthier for consumption, but also tastier. Besides being processed as juice, fruits are now popularly used as salads to obtain the benefits of vitamins and minerals in them. However, there are still many who doubt because they think that fruits are not healthy enough because they contain sugar. Excessive sugar proved not good for health. Excess consumption of sugar can increase the risk of suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes. The danger of sugar is found in granulated sugar, rock sugar, syrup, and other foods or drinks that use additional sweeteners. Fruits do contain sugar, but in the form of fructose, so it is not dangerous. Fructose is only dangerous if consumed in large quantities. In addition, it is almost…
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