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Beware of Kidney Disease in Children, These Symptoms and Causes

Kidney disease in children may still sound familiar. Though not a few children who suffer from this disease. If not treated immediately, this condition can cause various complications that are harmful to their health and development. Kidney disease in children is a condition when the kidneys have damaged or decreased function. There are various things that can cause a child to experience kidney disease, ranging from congenital abnormalities, infections, to the side effects of certain drugs or poisoning. Types of Kidney Disease in Children and their Causes Based on the conditions, kidney disease in children is divided into two types, namely: Acute kidney disease Kidney disease is said to be acute if damage or decline in kidney function occurs suddenly and does not exceed 3 months. Acute kidney disease in children who are treated immediately is generally curable and does not cause permanent damage to the kidneys. However, if the handling is delayed or damage occurs for more than
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Shhh, Falling in Love Turns Out to Have Health Benefits

Being in love can indeed make someone feel always happy and cheerful through activities. In addition, did you know that falling in love also has health benefits? Curious? Come on, find out the facts below. When in love, your heart rate will increase to cause increased blood flow throughout the body. This is one of the reasons why falling in love can have a positive impact on your health. Falling in Love is Good for Health Some of the benefits of falling in love for health that you can feel, namely: 1. Reducing stress It is undeniable, sometimes the workload is piled up and fatigue due to doing housework can make someone experience stress. But by falling in love, the stress you feel can be reduced. This is because positive interactions, security, and the support they get from a partner can trigger the body to produce the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is then useful for reducing the stress you feel. 2. Heal wounds faster Have a painful wound on the body? Being in love can be

Take the Benefits of Fruit Salad Behind its Deliciousness

Fruit salad is no less popular than vegetable salad. Its easy serving and delicious taste makes the fruit salad a delightful diet menu choice. The selection of fruits and the right dressings will further enhance the benefits of fruit salads, so that it is not only healthier for consumption, but also tastier. Besides being processed as juice, fruits are now popularly used as salads to obtain the benefits of vitamins and minerals in them. However, there are still many who doubt because they think that fruits are not healthy enough because they contain sugar. Excessive sugar proved not good for health. Excess consumption of sugar can increase the risk of suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes. The danger of sugar is found in granulated sugar, rock sugar, syrup, and other foods or drinks that use additional sweeteners. Fruits do contain sugar, but in the form of fructose, so it is not dangerous. Fructose is only dangerous if consumed in large quantities. In addition, it is almost